How to pump up the press at home

Creating the perfect abdominal press is not an easy task at first glance. However, in reality, with the right approach, it is quite accessible even to those who train at home. Success in this matter lies not in the use of new-fangled simulators, techniques and some kind of magic pills, but in the competent construction of a training schedule, the use of the right exercises and observing the diet.

General condition assessment

It is from this that we must proceed in the further construction of plans and setting goals for comprare steroidi in italia the creation of an ideal press. It is one thing if a person has been training for many years, created a good base and achieved good results. In essence, such an athlete only needs to fine-tune the form and, possibly, to work out individual sections. Another thing is when a person just begins to train and does not have a particular predisposition to the development of muscles.

Despite the great difference in the physiological characteristics of all trainees and their ability to develop, there are some principles for building a lean muscle, in particular pumping the abdominal press.

Press Training Schedule

Of course, training abdominal muscles separately from other parts of the body is not worth it. From the point of view of physiology and anatomy, this is just part of the general muscles of the body. In addition, the training effect achieved by a combination of factors, which are discussed below, is obtained better when working together several parts of the body at once. Therefore, the training of the press must be combined with the study of other muscles.

The frequency of working out the muscles of the press should not particularly go beyond the basic rules. For optimal muscle hypertrophy, you need to load the muscles 1 to 2 times a week. At the same time, one must not forget about the intensity of the loads, the time of approaches and the break between them, the number of repetitions and other factors characteristic of the mass-collection period.

You also need to remember that all the muscles of the body are one indivisible system. Therefore, it is impossible to pump one part without involving others in the overall process. In other words, shaking the press, you need to pump all the muscles of the body.

Factors Affecting Muscle Growth

Several factors influence the set of high-quality muscle mass in an athletes body:

  • training (schedule, frequency, intensity and volume);
  • recovery (sleep, rest, lack of stress);
  • hormonal (the normal level of anabolic hormones in the body, regulated by other factors);
  • food (correctly selected calorie content, nutritional composition and number of meals).

Together, they give the necessary anabolic effect, causing muscle fibers to increase across.

Mass or relief?

Not every athlete can figure out what he is currently striving for — to gain mass and work out the relief. In order for the press cubes to become dense and deep, first you need to achieve their volume with the help of mass gain. On the contrary, if they already have enough volume, you need to make them tougher by reducing subcutaneous fat and increasing the depth of study.